Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Leisure time

        late update from me. actually i not that busy. just  i was so lazy to online. internet getting slower when use my sis broadband. i got a new routine now. every evening my sis and i jogs at the stadium in front of our house. we start with walking one round. then we warms up to avoid any injury to the muscle.
         jog with physiotherapist for sure you will follow the method wisely. my sis just finished her degree in physiotherapy. now she staying at home while applying for a job. today my third day jog. i didn't feel any itch or muscle problem. seems it work well.

           last Friday, my besties syida and i went to cinema. we watched NUR KASIH. i was a treat from syida. the movie was great. i don't know much actually bout this story. i never watch nur kasih in drama. but with some guidance from syida i managed to understand the whole story. according to syida, this movie has nothing to do with the drama. only the actors and the actress was the same person. but it had different story line. so it doesn't matter if you never watch the drama before. this movie suitable to watch with family. most of the story tells about the hardship nur and adam faced. they lost their baby 2 times when nur miscarriage. also when adam's disease got worst. i heard people cried while watching the film. and me? of course my tears dropped. blush3! but not too obvious. have to control. haha.
            it great story but for me i prefer horror or thriller movie with lot of graphic effect to be watched in cinema. berbaloi meh. one of the best movie done by Malaysian was HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA by KRU production. i satisfied after watched it. it such a great story how Langkasuka empire was build.

         some good news to share here. this morning i went for computer test in order for me to take driving license. you know what? i got full marks for it! 50/50. unexpected. i thought i cannot do it well. i didn't read the text book fully. i also feel sleepy when i took the 5hours class. but once i entered the exam room, i just tawakkal. give all i had learn and answered every questions wisely and calmly. i rechecked my answer. fortunately i didn't change any of it. i felt blessed when i got the result. grateful to Him.

          He always give me the best result. since i sat for my UPSR i got 4A 1B. He also granted my wish during PMR. He gave me straight 9A's. also during SPM He rewarded me with straight 10A's. i don't know. i think all of this was a test for me. i realised i am not a grateful enough. i keep want it more. i really sorry dear my Lord. please forgive me for my mistake. i am your weakness servant.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nice advices

it just a simple quote to be remember. actually its not an officially a quote. i found this brilliant sentence when i studied form 4 literature. i still remember it until today. it was taken from the poem IF by Rudyard Kipling. i think it was a great poem. full of advices. it was a didactic poem where the father gave some good advices to his little son. so that the son could grow up to be a fine gentleman.

this poem consist of 4 stanza. i am gonna pick out some of  it which i found it had a deep meaning.

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about don't deal in lies,
Or being hated don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good nor talk too wise;

If you can dream and not make dreams your master,
If you can think and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

here the short meaning of it:

  • practice patience
  • avoid lying and being lied too
  • put aside all the hatred
  • be moderate in appearance and speech
  • be humble and not arrogant
  • not to indulge in dreams
  • not to show off or try to impress
  • be open minded and treat success and failure equally

2nd sem result out!

       as promised, our results for each and every papers already out! it was early than i thought. UM's lacturers was so much effective. Alhamdulillah i passed all the papers. my non-official PNG also not bad. even it much more lower than last semester but i satisfied. nothing to worry about my scholarship.
       dear my beloved sugar daddy JPA, you can't simply cut my allowance for at least  next coming 3 semesters! hahaha. also happy because i don't have to repeat any papers. thanks God. good news here! i can take maximum credit hours provide for next semester. relief. no short semester to attend. fully 4 months holidays. 

       but for sure this result will pull my TPNG lower. ottokay? what can i do? nothing i guess. i am not going to regret it. let it be. learn from mistake and do better next time. still thinking the best way to tackle some form of questions. especially those papers with minus mark. really give trouble to me. haiyaa!! nvm. the most important, i shot my goal accurately. all praise to Him for this gift 

is there anybody still can be happy like me after got that worst result? something wrong with me i guess. HAHAHA!!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

pharmacy activity 2010/2011

1. freshies handled the very 1st event of the year

our annual gathering

my batch name Sparkling Starz

2. telematch held by our 2nd year seniors. it was a great time!

telematch. it's supposed to be 10/11.

the dirt of us.

what kind of food they served to us. but so much fun!

3. went our with 2nd year. heading to KFC PJ.

the juniors

 juniors + seniors. we made havoc!

4. another event handled by second year. we will organize it for the next time

pharmacy iftar handled by 2nd year

the sweety 2nd year seniors

5. pharmsport time by 3rd  year students. such a great moment!

1st year netball team

1st year fighting!!

when the boys played netball too.

6. the successful pharmily day organized by our 3rd year seniors.

i like the theme and the prop so much!

7. National Pharmacy Sport Carnival at USM Penang. first time i met other pharmers from different university.

my galah panjang team. we were 1st up runner.

yeah! keep running!

bronze for my netball team

8. the last event for the whole year. Pharmnight held by final year seniors. 

me with the most glamour emcee for the night

dancers with our trainers

the awesome Korean dance 

the next coming event:

in the early of June 2011 we gonna have NoGAPS. it is stand for National Gathering Pharmacy Students. UM was the host for this time. about 150++ students from other universities will attend this event. they gonna have a full activities for the whole week. i was in charge for explorace with my team mate. it was a big grand event. hope everything going smoothly.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

pharmacy student

        From the title you'll can guess my entry this time is all about. I've been as pharmacy student for 2 semesters. A lot of stories. It's full of joys, cheerful, happiness, sadness, toughness, challenges, difficulties and busyness.  That the reality for being students. but being one of the UM pharmacy student was the best choice I had done.

        On the day result for university acceptance came out, I was disappointed to know I got an offered to do degree in pharmacy. I cried by myself alone while my eyes keep staring at the monitor screen. It was my third choice when I fill up the UPU form. My first choice to do dentistry in UM followed by dentistry in UKM.

      While the others I just put it without considered it too much. According to the term applied, I was able to take that course. They qualification for those who got 3.7 above. I got 3.89 for my CGPA.  I won't able to get 4flat because my math was A- while the other subject which were biology, chemistry and physics i got A’s. piece of advice for all the juniors. Beware! Make sure you all get 4flat during foundation especially PASUM students.

        I was unwillingly took this course. What to do. I planned to change my course as I got there. After one weeks orientation we started attend the classes. For all pharmacy freshies, we had another 3 weeks orientation conducted by seniors. It was a tradition since a long time ago. The orientation weeks was likely to known as pharmily weeks.

       Throughout the weeks, we had to reach faculty by 7.30am. It was the most suffered weeks. Whenever we had a free time we need to let seniors know. Seniors used that time to meet us. We were given tasks. One of the task was, we had to collect 90 senior signatures. We  were required  to search for their background details,  approached them, and we were given tasks before we got their signature. It's very hard to approached them. With some courage I managed to push myself and did those task.  Seniors warned us if we didn’t managed to get all 90 signature, we won’t given buddies. So had to struggle for it.

       At the end of the pharmily weeks, we as a freshies need to held an event. It was annual gathering. all of us performed during that day. The event was successful. This was the first time seniors regarded us as their juniors. We were now officially accepted to become part of the society. Day by day, I realized that I started to enjoy my life I had with my course mate. I changed my mind. I won't change my course. At first I worried because I don’t think I had very strong basic in chemistry. My physics was better than chemistry. I also shocked when I found I never got other than A during PASUM for my physics. Thanks God!

       Pharmacy society was one of the most active society in UM. We have a lot of activities throughout a year. I glad to be part of it. A lot of benefits I gained. I’d learned new things. I make friends. The most things which encouraging me were this quotes:

"we vow to put sacrifice above self to uphold the professionalism as a pharmacy"
and also this 
"we are your drug expert" 

i am the future pharmacist. but before i can reach to that stage i need to go through another 3 years. i hope i can endure every difficulties. i have to face it. hope God make it easy for me. towards becoming drug expert!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Grammar or grandma?

grammar and grandma. they are two different words with different meaning and not related to each other at all. just slightly different in their pronunciation. so be careful when you pronounce it. actually there is nothing to do with anybody grandma. neither yours nor mine
all i want to talk here is about grammar. my grammar. okay?

        i bet if there is any English teacher read my blog i will get F for my grammar. haha. i never bother it while writing nor typing. i wish new coming Microsoft will provide a checking for grammar too. i got very critically worst grammar mistake since my school days. but i wish i can improve it some day after i use to it. nowadays, i try to work on it. i know i have a very messy English. no problem about it because i gonna put some effort to study this language by my own. it might be late. but for me its better late than never. i wish i can improve it in some day. i took this holiday time to enhance my English. i wanna be better than before. i know i will make it come true whenever i have faith  in it. ezatieya always be the best for herself!! yeah!!

you know what, even an American don't bother about their grammar either. believe me or not? so let me give an example to prove it. when there was phone ringing. and somebody near to it will shout. "i got it!". but he/she not even pick it up yet. so why got

 in conversation it is not necessary to speak in a proper grammar. it's okay as long what you are talking is easily to be understand by the other peoples. short and accurate. also must be meaningful. however in writing it preferable or compulsory to have a good grammar. so that the readers know whether the story is past or presently happen. 

what ever it is, learn other languages is interesting. person must at least know two languages. most of the students nowadays already learn 3 languages. mandarin and France are the favorite subject. i had learn Arabic during my secondary school. i think i almost forgot it because didn't or accurately to say, i never practice it. what a wasting~

coz you and i both love~

Saturday, 14 May 2011

6th college next sem

              Alhamdulillah. i managed to get a place for college for next sem. just now i received a text message from my buddy who staying at 6th college. he told me that my application was accepted. how happy i am. i prefer to stay at college. initially i was excited to rent outside. but after i got the good news i straightly took a decision to stay in college. my mom also agreed with my decision because the cost is much lower and 6th college is much more nearer to my faculty. i can reach the faculty in about 5 minutes. for sure there is no exercises like before. food also provided. but if i rent outside, take about 20min to reach faculty. i also have to think about the food, furniture, internet provided and also the bills. seems more advantages if i stay inside.

           however, now i have to find the replacement for me very soon. if not i will cause a burden to the rest of my friends who had decided to stay outside. this because we have to pay for the deposit next month. the owner told us to pay rm500 for deposit. this include maintenance. then we have to pay rm200 for each month. the rent for the whole house is rm1600. we planned to have 9 members. so, each have to pay rm200. the remaining rm200 is to pay bills and internet. rented house in KL is so expensive. it just a small condo without any furnishes. that is the fate of students who didn't manage to stay in UM college.
            there is a cheaper rented house. but then the house is not secure. ransacked always occur in the neighbourhood. their target was student's laptop and other electronics things or gadgets. the area is dangerous and no security guard provided. the place also untidy and look unpleasant. that why we do not prefer there.

          haisyh...what wrong with this cat. while i am typing this my little cat play around me. hiking everywhere. biting my leg. it can't stay freeze. keep playing round. i admit that i not a cat addict.  i never allow the cat to enter my bedroom. it is disturbing. i had a few before because my lil sis and my dad like to having the cats. most of the cats end up dead because it was hit by the car that passed by our house or missing. now the mother cat gave birth again and again. i am tired of having a new baby. they pissed everywhere. thank God. now they know where they should piss out. i am clueless why this cat become so hyperactive tonight. hey! you cat, better behave yourself!

see what it done.

relaxing on my lappy? Gosh!


Friday, 6 May 2011

At last~

          Yeah! at last i finished all 8 papers for this sem. all the department core subjects really tough. only God know how hard I'd faced them. out of 5 department subject, 4 of them carry 3 hours credit and another one is 2 hours credit. those subject include physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry and pharmacy physical.they are killer subject for the whole pharmacy students generation since our senior time.not to say but its true. the other one subject is heterocyclic chemistry. also tough.
          memorizing is the most important element for us to be successful during the exam. that was my weakness. i cant memorize well. for me, the understanding is the most important. i cant memorize thing blindly. it wouldn't work at all. and i also have short term memory loss. very unfortunately. so i have to repeat reading the same thing over and over even i had studied that part during study week but i need to revise it on the night before the paper. most of the days i had to burn the midnight oil. have no other choices. it very frustrated when i can't remember a thing i had studied in the hall exam. become blank n blur. it not suppose to be right. i guess all the students feel the same huh? what comes out shows how much we put our effort to counter that subject. i think i do worst this time. pharmacy department staff told us that our result will come out at the end of this month. lectures seems so excited to mark our papers. huhu. all i can do now praying and accept the faith. i might be disappointed with the result. well i can guess how the result will be. hope i can take it positively even i become negative right now. just cross the finger and hoping for the best. sigh~

         now don't want to talk bout study anymore. currently i had finished 2 movies with my lovely roommate. wanna watch more!! all my stuffs already packed. so many bags. my sis gonna take them tomorrow while some of it i gonna leave at our rented house. yup! next sem i will stay outside campus since i not qualified anymore to stay in college. so sad. but this is what I'd chose. i not even involve any single activities held by college. i didn't interested to become any of the community members. most all the time i joined activities held by pharmacy society. i involve in dancing during our pharmnight, i became one of the community member of  bureau. i also participated during national pharmacy sport carnival that was held at USM penang last time. it was my pleasured. i had a great time when i do what i interested in. but people most likely to sad don't follow your heart too much. think of benefits u gain. all i done i got the benefit even it doesn't help me to stay college. no problem. I'm happy with my choice. i got opportunity to join kompang team but i back up because i don't find any interest and i can't enjoy it. it become stressful at the end of the day you know. i hardly catch the tone to play that kompang. so sorry.
           not to worry. i want to have an experience live in our rented house. want to learn cooking. we had so much to do with our new house. the place it actually a condo. we are at 11th floor. currently, our final year senior rent there. since they gonna move out we decided to rent there. it hard to find a house at this hectic town. the rent are reasonable. it just medium in size. suitable for us that so called "bujang". haha. it not fully furnish. that would be some problem to us to look for a new closet and table. challenge we gonna face next seem is to saving our money. i am some sort of extravagant. i spend a lot my money. especially in  food. can't resist so delicious food. i want to try everything. as i find that is tasty i want extra more! this is the major reason why i gain weight so easily. no healthy. that's me. silly me.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Really counting for the days to finish another 3 more papers. I'm not fully prepared yet but all i know i wanna finish it as soon as possible. can't stand anymore. too much movies waiting for me to be watching right after the last paper done. another few days to go. please hold on girl!


list to do right after exam finish:
  • wash all clothes
  • go online in fb from offline mode
  • movieS marathon
  • back to become a miss mayor for cityville after afew month quitted
  • have a look at my pet in society pet
  • packing all the stuffs
  • read a book bought month ago
  • going for a date