Monday, 27 February 2012



yeah. last Saturday, we were having a pharmacy sport. well known as pharmsport by um pharmacy students. it was an incredibly cool! i enjoyed it to the fullest even though i didn't participate in every games *gilo apo nk main semua??!* 

personally i felt this year much merrier than last time. maybe due to the sportingness of my teammates. even most us didn't show up on that day but it doesn't really matter. seems everyone having so much fun. by looking into their faces and all the Facebook status updated. so much positive feed-backs. 

so basically i only played 3 games namely batu seremban, futsal as well as netball.*how come it sounds like presentation sentence. haih!* for batu seremban, i lost at the first place. the most interested part was that, i was able to try playing futsal. i was my first trial anyway. to be exact it was my first futsal match. the most exciting and remarkable part, i was able to score 2 goals.bhahaha. pathetic me. we were qualified to go to the final match till we become the champion of that day. one unexpected goal from me. awesome right.haha.
sorry. didn't mean to show off. but this is my blog. so, like i care? hahaha. okey2, imma kidding. no hard feeling peeps. please.

second year futsal team.

all the picture i grabbed from facebook. heee. ^_^

as for netball, we were the 1st up runner. our result actually tied with third year. since everyone was so tired and it's a hot sunny day, we decided to get the winner by the penalty goals.*netball also have those kinda penalty okey*. for all and for most, i was proud with my batch mates. they were so cooperative and sporting on that day. they played every games even  thought they aren't familiar with it. how awesome they are!! 

after all the enjoyment i had, now i was suffered. my tight, calf and abdominal muscles were in pain.  my movement was very restricted. it's hard to get downstairs and bend my legs. dear body, i'm not gonna spoiled nor pampered you. please act like normal. pity you.

i wonder how can i attend this coming Pharmnight. how to wear heels?? ottokey? it's coming real soon. does a week is enough to get recover from all the pain i have to bear with? haiyyoo~

it's hard to write in past tense does it? teacher, i'm sorry for any grammatical error(s).

Saturday, 25 February 2012

die of boredom

my day getting dull. days after days. I've been doing the same  routine every day. waking up-attending classes-returning back-surfing-revising-sleeping. same circulation every day. does it sounds bored to you?

now i'm all alone in the room. boredom strikes. dunno what else to do and i started to ransack my lappy. see what i've found!

i missed my busiest moments back then. busy with the outdoor activities. marching and camping with my schoolmates was a great experience. it thought me to be tougher. did school science project also one of the memorable moment. joining dancing never cross my mind at all yet i enjoyed did it. handling project gave headache and put me into sleepless night. but satisfaction comes after all the efforts was put along. i learnt lots of new stuffs. joined few others activities were my pleasure. i starts to miss them.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Schwester!

it's 21st Feb again! to this special person i would like to say Cartoon Pictures

*hope i chose the best picture of yours among the thousand i had ;)*

i wish you'll be blessed and always be happy there. i believe you've blend-in with the new places. also hoping you'll be achieve whatever you wish all this while and may your dreams come true. sooner or later. get marry soon because you won't be forever young.  if that happen, then i can get marry real soon also la.,no,no. imma kidding. 

not to forget, of course i had prepared a special gift for you. yes! it's true *sing like james blunt in you're beautiful*. since you're being far far away from me and i'm unable to hand it to you directly, so, i prepared a gift voucher. see, here your gift voucher!Cartoon Pictures

nice right? i knew it! (credit to google image <-- to avoid plagiarism)

As you flip the back side of the voucher, you'll see few terms and condition. to make it easier, let me clarify it here

Terms and condition of using the voucher:
    Cartoon Pictures
  1. please show your identification card while making redemption to avoid impersonation.
  2. the redemption must directly through the person giving you this *it's me la*
  3. you can't change the voucher into cash
  4. the due date is by 2359 of 29th February 2012
  5. any loss of damage to the voucher is on your own responsibility
  6. all the terms and conditions are flexible according to me.
as stated above the voucher valid till the end of this month. so please redeem it immediately before the due date. you've no much time left! come and see me to get your valuable present ^_^

your sweety lil sis
Cartoon Pictures

*anyway, Alles gute zum Geburtstag Schwester! means Happy Birthday Sister! in German*

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ladies Wanna have FUN!

i'd blast in this semester! i'd spent lot with them. even we're not staying together like we used to before yet it's not a problem for us to went out together and having fun. yes! i'm talking about T.H.E.M. my friends. they're nice. seems we have a great days together this semester.

this our first outing. last minute planned. we were heading to KLCC. guess what we were doing there?

we just went for couple of hours. it's very short outing cause laili and i have to attend our English class. we were having presentation on that day, it was the evaluation and the mark is contributed to the final presentation. *actually i don't have to tell this right*
back to the question above. guess what do we did at KLCC? actually we just went there only to have a lunch then mingle in the park for few minutes. then we went back to the campus. 
 our next outing was at The Mines, Serdang. we went there by KTM. seriously i told ya peeps, it's not a very favorable transportation. i would rather choose others. but we don't have any other options. anyway, it's the best moment be with those gorgeous ladies.

 the last and remarkable outing was at the I-city. we went there to celebrate the ending of our third semester as pharmacy students. the place is not as bad as i heard from others before. we had so much joyful n precious moments there.

i-city now better than before i though. they offer the visitors with doubledecker, spacewalk, marry go round, superswing, pirates ship as well as snowwalk and etc. we tried most of them (:
*i think i-city now slowly turns into a theme park. something like genting highlands in the middle of city to attract more people come for sure. *