Thursday, 29 December 2011

Re: Paradox

 i was requested by this cutie blogger to answer only question 8

8. my first impression towards you?

hurm.. i don't really remember the first moment we met. i supposed during Minggu Haluansiswa(MHS) for PASUM students. i remembered only the second time we met again. it was at the University LRT ststion. we just came back after break. on the surface i thought you are kinda nerd, straight and so innocent. you don't talk too much. you just answered my questions as necessary. and the atmosphere turn back to normal. *quite and silence*

but i'm wrong. i get to know you well when we were meant-to-be in the same room for the whole first year class. *became room-mate la*. you aren't nerd neither straight at all. you are funny in fact. you always make a joke with a relax-and-cool-face-expression. you are so called 'selamba' in your own way. you love games, songs, korean stuffs, japan movies, funny movies and articles, shopping, sneakers and etc which don't reflect at all with my first impression towards you.

but the most unexpected of you, you're kinda tough. you were able encountered all the hardship by yourself. it happened past 2 weeks if i'm not mistaken. after one to another problem came. you still able to bear with it. if it was me i'll feel very down and keep clinging to other person to help me out. but you're not. you solve it by yourself. that's the best part of you.

anyway, correct me if i'm wrong about you friends (:

i love this picture. with ex- roomies. don't get mad cause i sabotaged you .heheh

see the picture. she looks innocent right?

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Saeng-il Chugha Hae!

first of all, please don't mute your speaker. listen to the song till the last words. *this song only available in short notice*

actually this special entry is dedicated to the precious boy becoming mature guy. in fact, he more mature than me. yes, he is. well, it's more than 2 years we get to know each other. deeply. and i'm so happy and grateful of knowing you. 

so, to this special guy i wanna say 

somehow we kinda opposite to each other. yeah! in some aspects

  • he chose McD but i prefer KFC
  • he love Big Mac but mine is Spicy Chicken Mc Deluxe. first time i tried Big Mac i swore i won't eat it anymore. seriously. not my taste. it last till i met him and it changed :)
  • i love spicy foods but he can't stand eating them. i think he improves it now.
  • he chose cinema but mine will be bowling alley 
  • i love extreme/outdoor activities but he's not
  • he doesn't like social networking but i can't resist it existence
  • i've bad-tempered but he always stay cool
  • he's optimistic while i'm pessimistic 
  • he wakes up early but not me
  • he's a super great gamer which i'm not. I've tried but it's really not me. i don't have obsession towards game plus my hand is untalented. but i love to see his fingers dancing on the keyboard playing a game. they are frisky and beautiful!
  • he able to manage his finance well in a smart way but i sucks in it. i'm spending lot on unnecessary things.

but the most OBVIOUS and IMPORTANT point is..

  • he's a GUY and i'm a LADY

on my thought, all those differences don't really matter. we appreciated the differences and enjoyed the similarities. it makes us complementary to each other. yep! it's really does make sense.

here special invitation:  
let's celebrate it once you return back here. would you? (:

hey! don't walk away first. the song haven't finish yet. wait, wait..

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Exam

it's gonna be next year. so don't get nervous.
just seat back, relax and enjoy the days!

*i'ma psychotic*

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lil Space of Mine

People do blogging with different reasons
Some did  to entertain others
Some did for the sake of business
Some did to promote their products
Some did to share their delicious recipes
Some did to tell about their group activities
Some did because told to do so by their gf/bf
Some did to share their life stories
Some did just to follow others

Whatever the reasons are none of them is mine. This is the pieces of mine. This is my blog

Place where I put my memories
Place where I express my feelings
Place where I freely being myself
Place where I let my dream expended

It may not cheer  when I sad
It may not support when I down
It may not wipe my tears when I cry
It may not congrats when I succeed


It does help to reduce the sadness, the painful, the stress
I might complained about things. About my surrounding. About my previous, present and future life. About my  friends. About my course mate. Maybe about you or a friend of yours. But I have a right to do so. I have a right to talk, write or express my feeling in this democratic country. As long as I do not give any harm to others . Or make any false accusation nor slander anybody I think it is fine.

I am sorry if any of my writing, written or I'd wrote did hurt you reader(s)
no offend, no hard feeling
no harm

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Frenzy Friday

past two days i had a great Friday. it's awesome! everything happened make me smile broadly. two of my test results were released. Alhamdulillah. Thanks God. i got A's for both of them. i performed much better this semester. my carry marks for final exam quite good for most of the subjects taken. it's been awhile i don't felt this kind of satisfaction. satisfaction you gain after you study smarter and harder. as a result, you able to raise up your achievement. that's what i'm feeling right now. i just hope that i can do much better in the coming final exam. mom's true. my environment actually changed me. however, no guarantee that i can pass all the subjects with flying color for final exam since so much topics to be covered. plus, certain of it quite tough with high credit hours. *just pray for the best*

not just that. my day ended well as my English presentation went smoothly. it's final evaluation for this course. my presentation entitled 'Blogging'. i got the idea to talked about it when i was bathing. silly. it's easy topic anyway. i talked about why people blogging, advantages and disadvantages as well as revolution of blogging to vlogging. seems the feedback from the evaluator was great. i hope i'll get a good mark for it. taking english presentation give benefits to me. it helps a lot to build my self confident and to be good presenter. so i would like to recommend to all my friends who haven't finish taking english subject, please attend this course. it's not as bad as people says. almost every weeks we had presentation but it's actually something good. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My pet soon

  where can i find something like this? i want it!!

i prefer to have fishes as my pets instead of any fury animals. fish is a great creature. they have various colors and attractive. plus, it's easy to take care of it. i love to see it moving around in the aquarium :)

credit to for the image

Monday, 12 December 2011

Bro Engagement

well, well, well..
as the title stated above i'm sure you guys know what this entry is all about. last Friday on 9 December 2011 my family and i went to Yong Peng, Johor for brother engagement ceremony on the next day. it was the best moment after all. i was so enjoyed at the moment. my family came from perak and fetched me at UM before we continued the journey to johor. overall the journey took around 8 hours.

as we reached there, we were directly checked into the hotel. everyone was tired yet excited. at night we were just 'lepaking' and chit chatting. it's been awhile i didn't meet my brother since he was worked at Singapore. a lot of stories to share. instead of planning to go out sight seeing, we just spending time in the hotel suite. we slept only after 2 a.m.

on the next day, around 12.30pm, after got green light signal we directly went to the place we supposed to go. the house just nearby. the ceremony was simple yet nice. Alhamdulillah, praise to God. our proposal was accepted nicely. everything went smoothly. my brother was officially engaged with the his fiancee.

the first ring is 'cincin merisik'

another ring for the engagement

insyaAllah the wedding reception is going to be after a year.

Kak reen with my bro. she's beautiful :)

after everything were settled, we straightly went back. the sadness moment was when they sent me back. time runs so fast. i'm not having enough time spending with them :(

now my mom so busy to do preparation for my first brother engagement in the end of this month :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

i was tagged

i was tagged by my friend. actually it's my first time doing this. don't want to talk more. let's accomplish all those task.

Few rules to be followed.So,these are the rules:
1.Post this rules
2.Write 11 things about yourself
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you
4.Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post
4.You're not allowed to tag back ( I mean to the person who tags you )

i done with the first rule. now let's move to the second rule. 11 things about me? hurm.. what should i write huh? what you wanna know *take few minutes thinking*
yeah! guess i know what to share~

  1. i prefer to study on my bed instead at the table. very seldom spending my time at the table. even now i surfing on the bed. it's very comfortable here you know. 
  2. now i know one color which i dislike. it is grey. It looks so pale and dull. Don’t look nice right?
  3. i love seafood so much! especially prawns and squids. i love them! currently i used to eat catfish. super yummy!
  4. i love shopping girls stuffs like the outfits, footwear, handbags, accessories, shawls and etc. i never enough having them.
  5. i likes follow my mum out when i was at home. but now i can go by myself because i already have the driving license. hehe
  6. i love making 'home made card' back then. but not longer because lack of time and have no idea. *pathetic*
  7.  i am the big fan of 'keropok lekor', 'keropok losong' and all the related 'keropok'!
  8. my mom and dad both are kelantanese. but i was born and grow up at perak. till now still doubt whether i'm the perakian or kelantanese. whatever it is i am malaysian. Confirm! :)
  9. i love to study while listening to my mp3. but i prefer to listen to song which i don't know it well. Otherwise I’ll start to karaoke instead of studying. silly me.
  10. i have four watches. every morning before go to class i have to spend few seconds to choose which to wear. i suppose having one is more than enough.
  11. lastly i would like to share is, i was staying in the same room with two Chinese girls. one of them is my final year pharmacy student and the other one is second year law student. so far, i'm fine living with them. no problems.

yeah! second task finished. it's hard to dig about yourself which you never notice about them before. everything stated there are true. now, proceed to third level. i have to answer all the questions. it was the hardest part of all i thought. nevermind. let's do it!


1.  single or taken?muahaha.if taken please mention his/her name
it's a favorite trapped question right. to be honest, i'm still working on a relationship with him. not accurately to say i was taken. his full name is Muhammad Akmal bin Azmi. 

2. umur paling sesuai untuk kahwin 
i don't set the age for marriage. i did that long time ago. but my mom told that the best age to get marry is, once i finish my study, graduate and employed.   

3. your wedding concept
for my wedding concept i dreamt to have a garden and fairy tale concept with butterflies and flowers as the main decorations. i want it to be simple yet nice. but must be agreed by both sides. *i'm curious why you keep asking about marriage??*

4. kalau masa boleh diundur balik, apa yg awak nk lakukan?
i don't want to be in the relationship. i won't couple. i do really wish i can turn back the time :(

5. chocolate or ice cream.choose.
obviously i chose ice cream.i prefer ice cream with chocolate or chip choc flavor. yummy! i start to craving for them. aiyoo~  

6. who is in your mind now? post gambar sekali
i was thinking about my ex-roomate,  my classmate, my coursemate and also my neighbor room. she's laili. because i actually had set an appointment with her tonight to teach me something. it suppose to be now! *leli, wait a minutes yea. sorry. ngehehe*

she's on the right side.
7. your favourite social networking and why?
facebook. it's easy to handle and able to spread the information faster since everyone have the account. but i hate the spammer who tries to spread the virus! i feel like want to smash all those brats! 

8. your first impression about me
you are a kind of polite and somehow so pampered. haha. but you are not that pampered after i get to know you well.

9. kenapa blogging?
this is the first time i reveal the main reason i do blogging. actually i use this opportunity to improve my english writing skills. i was suck in it. especially grammar stuffs. aigoo~

10. your wish which is yet to come true 
alot of my wish haven't come true yet. one of them is, i wish to have vaio notebooks. they are incredibly cool!

11. post your favorite picture of me
i'm dearly sorry because i don't have any picture of your. it's been a while we don't meet up. i apologize.

here peoples that i would like to tag

nik nurul dalila
mimi mizisya
sufiah azila
farah nabila
arola belladona
atia farhanim
laili ab rahman
all the name above have to accomplish the task. good luck everyone! :) *sorry i won't able to tag 11 peoples. only 8 here*