Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Let's date me

 dear my lovely lecture notes,

would you date with me tonight. seriously, i really want to date with you since ages. now only i got the opportunity to invite you. you know also we haven't spent much time together lately. and now i really missing you. too much! please don't disappoint me. i put a hope in you. come, come with me. don't shy shy la. :)

*motivated to study*

Thursday, 10 November 2011


seriously i was damn so envy right now. envy of seeing other bloggers updating their blog EVERYDAY. some of them able to post till two or three entries a day. Gosh! hey, you have nothing better to do huh? *rolling eyes*

it's been a while i didn't spend time writing over here. so much precious moments happened especially last month. yet i was unable to portrait them here. what a waste. lately i only managed to upload pictures. lets pictures talking on the behalf of my lengthy words. somehow its much meaningful.

after i started my new semester which is this semester i rarely spend time on this blog. i just come and go after few minutes. it's undeniable this semester is more hectic and pack compare to my first year. tests, assignments, quizzes, tutorials, reports and so on and so forth put me into a very restricted time line. i'm not gonna complaint bout them today.*maybe some other days* it's been part and parcel of students life right. even sometimes i get tired of it.

now i have to spent some of my sleep time to write this. only then i satisfy to see my Say Out Loud is updated at last! hahaha. even i don't know what i talk about. just go around the bushes and make this blog looks like updated *author going nuts already. ignore her. shoo2. go to sleep now!*

very lazy to rechecking and editing. sorry for any misspelling or inappropriate sentences. *quickly hit on publish button and zzzzz  =_= *

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Happy AidilAdha

 to all muslim and muslimat, i just wanna say

it's the best time to spend with your family. enjoy every single moment. don't be too busy 'onlining' and 'facebooking' k peeps :)