Sunday, 27 May 2012



After more than a month i didn't update this blog. But it still looks great. Just like the last day i left. No dusts, no spider webs, no creepy crawlies neither craps. You know why? Because i have maid who always do cleaning on my blog. *tired with bloggers who always complained their dusty blog*

Kinda busy with other commitments these days. Not to mention what. Well, campus life is one of the hectic parts of life. Only today i got the courage to write something. Maybe due to the study week syndromes attack? Out of sudden, bloggers will frequently update their blog, vlogger busy with video shooting, gamers actively play again, shoppers enjoying shopping, tones of movies finished within hours, hundred of songs are downloading but,but,but none of the notes are touch neither open. this always happened until you realized that study week is already over. does it?

anyway, just telling that a series of flashbacks on my precious April are published. Only pictures. But i believed, somehow picture talk better than words. Hurm, how my May treat me? I think i gonna update that on June since May will end soon. hehe

#Finished talking.

Flashback: Perfect Camping

 27 & 28 April 2012 :Rehlah Sinergian, Lopo Blue River Chalet and Camp.

the two days program tentative 

Committee members

the registration

our sporting lil sisters


everyone excited to be the jungle ladies

jungle guys?

2 hours journey started

after a real long journey, went uphill, we finally reached our destination. a very beautiful place. His creation :)

our pioneers. :)

we cherished all the moments being together. i totally enjoyed it!
 #love outdoor activities 

Flashback: Celebration

14 April 2012: Celebrating Birthday Boy, IKEA Damansara

the gifts

the appetizer

delicious-scrumptious meals!! 

Birthday boy

Flashback: NPSC 2012

6-7April 2012: National Pharmacy Sport Carnival UIAM Kuantan

the truly cosy suite

the cheerful housemates

it's the day. let's get prepared!

the UM's netballerz

the UM's voleyballerz

UM ping-pong team

it comes to the end. the closing ceremony