Friday, 23 September 2011


the author is busy managing her future right now.
she'll back real soon *hoping*

Friday, 9 September 2011

My Second Anniversary


Today is my second anniversary with him after two years we've been together.we've gone through happiness and sadness together. we faced hardship and critical time but we managed to hold on till today. and i hope this would last forever.

to be honest, actually he was the one who worked very hard to keep us stick to each other compare to me. i am the one who weak and easily give up. when we had arguments he surely let me won. never scold me even i was wrong. he was so dear to me. i appreciated it the most. thank you dear for be so strong all this while. please be more stronger because we have years to go.together.

so, to celebrate our anniversary we went out today. i picked him at his campus and we went to Lumut waterfront. we chit-chatted along the way and snapped some pictures. seriously i enjoyed the moment be with him. actually it was last minutes planned yet perfect.

then we went to Tesco manjung and have our breakfast plus lunch. two in one. initially i was craving like a child but i can't even finish the meal. sorry bb cause wasted. not to forget he brought me a pair of shoes. it was the second time after he bought me a pair of Larrie's shoes at Pavilion last time. before twelve i sent him back. my Mr Cinderella cannot be out after 12. haha. kidding dear. need to sent him early because he wanna go to the mosque for Jumaat prayer. totally he paid for everything today. so sweet of him :)

it was a short date but i love it!

the lovey dovey pair on our special day  

My Mr. Cinderella's castle. A protected area. you can't simply pass by.

the flower plucked by him for me. it might be just a hibiscus but it got it's own sentimental values. only i knew it

at the Lumut waterfront. Credited to Mr. Akmal 

my new shoes. i love it! :)

a few words i would like to say here for you my beloved boy becoming mature guy few months later.
b, thanks a lot for being so nice to me all this time. i know you've sacrifice a lot for me including your own feeling and heart. i realized i hurt you so much. but it can't be help. i try my best to be the best for you. i care about you as you care about me. you are so precious to me. you take care about me more than yourself. you always think about me first before yours.

b, all i wanna you to know i'm so happy to have you.i wanna you put your study as a priority. it's very meaningful for you, for your lovely mummy and also for me dear. be a good son to your parent. be an example brother to your siblings. for all and for most be a great servant to our Creator. He's the powerful and the merciful. He know the best for us. keep your faith in Him not me. He's the one can hold us together till the time he wanted to.

one more, good luck for your driving test :) 

i dedicated to you this song as my heart sing along with this song. please believe in my words because i wouldn't lying to you.

last but not least,


this post is specially dedicated to my prince charming (:

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wordless Wednesday 9

i am twenty!


      time run too fast. i was just a baby girl 20 years back then who had first glimpse on the date of 3rd September 1991.but i still hope it would fly even faster than this. eager to know what waiting for me in the future. what kind of person I'll be. who i gonna meet. how my life will turn to.

      now, i realized i am not a kiddo, not a toddler, not a girl anymore. i am a grown up lady. i wanna explore and treasure every little moment in my life. I'll be more mature to myself. improve all the bad side of me. but not in a blink of eyes. I'll try it. even harder if i have to. seriously i wanna change to be better. i always hope to be better. our Prophet also told us to improve everyday. 

with elder sister and bothers when i was 2 years old visited zoo.  at this moment only four of us. i was the youngest. i was bought up at Singapore till i was 5 years old. 

at playground with my lovely mom. 

during my kindergarten at tadika teluk muroh first experienced went to school by bus. on the first day my dad followed the bus with his bike. afterwards, only my mom waited with me till the bus fetched me. 

 i was awarded because of my great performance during standard 1 final year exam. on the next year i was selected to attend the first class.

after my PMR i further my studied at MRSM Kuala Berang. i full-filled my mom wished to see her son or daughter study in boarding school. luckily i was selected. i faced a hard time to make a preparation to be there because my dad wasn't around at that time. i was grateful because my mom was a tough mother. she handled every single things. from did the medical checked-up till bought me to the college on the registration day

this picture taken during my SPM graduation day. a very special day for us. i graduated with the first class honor. it was a gift for my mom on the hardship we've been through at the first place. it's impossible to graduate for my degree with the first class also. so sad.

with my closest dorm mate during my national service after sat for SPM while waiting for the result came out. we did lot things together involving marched, played netball, painted our dorm walls, chit-chatted in the middle of night and etc. 

this my classmate. the whole future pharmacist of my batch. we are one Malaysia. 68 of us. we got two Indian girls, half of the class are Malay and the other half are Chinese. i was in orange t-shirt on the third row of the left side of the lecture hall. we'll be together for another 6 semesters.

each and every persons i met throughout my 20 years life gave influence on me. they helped me. they loved me. they advised me. they scolded me. they hated me. they though me. whoever they are. whatever they did i would like to say thanks a lot for helping me finding myself. be the person who brave enough to stand today.

and to these precious persons whom i appreciated the most, thanks for brought me alive 20 years past and take a good care of me till these days. i would never can repay both of you. but i promise to myself I'll be good even i can't be the best to you.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's Raya Moment!

this year like most of the other years we celebrated our raya in Kelantan. my hometown. Mom and dad's families were there. but i never stay there because my dad working in Perak. we returned back on the first day of raya around 11.30am because we try to avoid from stuck in traffic jam. luckily our journey was smooth and we arrived at our first destination which was our house there after 5 hours later. after having luncheon we continued our journey to my relatives's house.   

on the second day of raya

all of us in green on that day

with my lil sister. they happier  of us!

on the third day of raya

the third day was purple day

captured sister's picture with my Sony E C501

on the fourth day of raya

on the sixth day of raya

the one and only pic of mine on that day

dad's hilux while we were in citra stucked in the middle of traffic jammed

we returned back to our house on the sixth day of raya. seriously it was such a tired journey with the very bad jammed on most of the roads. after almost 12 hours in the car finally we reached home.

it was one of my best raya ever!