Saturday, 8 October 2011

10 Random Facts about Me

Yup! as the tittle stated about, let's digging ten random facts about me (:

  1. i love to watch or stalk my girl-friends but didn't do that to my boy-friends
  2. i never order hot beverage whenever i eat outside because i can't even drink them or else my tongue will be burn.
  3. my bad i wake up late in the morning most of the days. but i can stay up till late at night. i have sleep disorder i guess.
  4. i wouldn't talk to the person who always misunderstood my words
  5.  i love to eat spicy foods. i eat lot! 
  6. before i consider to follow any blog I'll read their very first post when they start blogging.
  7. i don't interrupt when elderly chatting. i prefer to be listener.
  8. somehow I'm shopaholic. I'm trying to save my scholarship maximally this semester.
  9. i don't have any specific favorite colors because i love all of them!!
  10. lastly, i chose to watch movie in my room rather that at the cinema. i think it's wasteful. but sometimes i have to go for others.