Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wishlist: A Car

A brand new Honda just been released on March 2014. And it has collected over 10 000 bookings within a month of its launch which is the highest ever in Honda Malaysia's history.
With additional features, make it more superior than other comparable automotive.

Tell me who don't fall in love?
You don't?
Then, please watch this!

Now tell me whatca feel..

*Picta courtesy to Honda webpage


shiemah el even said...

eh.. ni kreta nama pe? cam nmpk Honda city aje? kena byr downpayment kan? brape ek? nk prepare.. hehe.. paling kurg pn aku nk amik honda jazz laa..hehe

ezatieya said...

Yep shiema, memang honda city pun. Downpayment dia 10% from total. Kalau variant E dalam RM8k, kalau variant V lebih kurang RM9k